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Female joint health program
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A program for female joint health based on a healthy anti-inflammatory diet

The funds raised at the Dinners that Matter 4th October 2018 dinner will be donated to talks for women to raise awareness about joint health, as well as producing a book outlining prevention methods for joint health in women using a healthy anti-inflammatory diet.

Osteoarthritis occurs at a much higher rate in women than men, with two out of every three osteoarthritis patients being female. OAFI WOMAN has the goal of preventing osteoarthritis in this high-risk group.

OAFI WOMAN is an educational program to empower women in the management of osteoarthritis using non-pharmacological measures. Highlights include a healthy anti-inflammatory diet, how to combat pain with a balanced diet, knowledge of anti-inflammatory foods and weight loss.

OAFI WOMAN is a key project for women on prevention and improving quality of life.

OAFI is the International Arthrosis Foundation. (www.oafifoundation.com). Based in Barcelona, ​​it heads global projects on prevention, awareness, treatment and improvement of quality of life for those with, or at risk of, osteoarthritis.

Dr. Josep Vergés, a prestigious medical professional with extensive experience in the disease and an international reputation, chairs the foundation. Together with his team, he works to put an end to this chronic inflammatory disease which, given that life expectancy has risen, is affecting more and more people – a concerning statistic.
The female population is at high-risk of osteoarthritis, especially those over 45 years old or postmenopausal. The factors that condition the development of this disease have been seen to have a higher prevalence in women, especially those over 50. The relationship of gender and osteoarthritis is clear in later life, and not only does it increase in frequecny, but it also affects a greater number of joints and is more severe.

80% of women in menopause suffer from joint pain, and of these 50% recognize it as intense or unbearable. This is reflected in a study conducted by the Spanish Association for the Study of Menopause (AEEM), based on a sample of 1,600 women from all over Spain.

This is due to the decrease in oestrogen that occurs after menopause, which is one of the causes of the high prevalence of the disease. The most affected locations are the hands, knees, hips and spine, although the decrease in oestrogen affects mainly the knee.

Help us to help them and to make things happen, because pain!

Go out to dinner with us on 4th October 2018! Take your friends, family and colleagues, and have fun, enjoying some fantastic cuisine while making it possible for us to help the many women out there who suffer on a day-to-day basis.
Are you with us?


This dinner is held in October to coincide with the World Day of Rheumatic Diseases (osteoarthritis included) held on 12th October, as well as the II International Congress of Patients with Arthrosis, held 9-10th October 9-10 and organized by OAFI, and to which you are all invited! The event will be free to the public.