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Dinners that matter
Awareness and visibility for diverse causes and local social projects
Innovate in order to make a better world, especially for those who need it the most

Dinners That Matter is a non profit whose purpose is to spread awareness about and get us closer to social realities in our environment with the aim of giving them support and recognition.

A non-profit entity officially recognized with the certificate of public utility and affiliated with WCPUN (World Council of Peoples for the United Nations). A nongovernmental organization associated to the Public information department of the United Nations.

Our Method

Through close associations and NGOs that support young people, the elderly, people at risk of exclusion, and people suffering from illness.

Creating a network that promotes and supports the project with three months of diffusion, with the collaboration of restaurants, companies, people and associations that create positive networking and synergies.

DTM provide companies with a diverse and comprehensive CSR solution that enhances their Brand and Image, as well as the involvement of the people who work for them.
Bringing life to the city and promoting responsible consumption.

Improve the well-being of people to receive help from the project, to share and give to others, go out, enjoy and strengthen friendship bonds

How we do it

We create a community that among other things, organizes 4 social dinners each year for charitable causes.  Our collaborating restaurants donate 25% of their revenue from these dinners while collaborating companies and individuals organize groups with their family and friends or professional network.  Special happennigs will start at the end of 2020.

In order to participate, all you need to do is make a reservation at one of the participating restaurants and go out for dinner on the selected date with your friends or become part of the business network of social innovators.

Each quarter and dinner is dedicated to a different cause. They all need us!


Join, Share and Participate!


The direct donation from the restaurants involved and the local nature of the projects we support exhibit our total transparency and commitment.

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We will also implement the initiative, a lightning installation that achieves through culture an impact on the local comerç, tourism a local social return.


The participation of various collaborators helps to multiply the visibility and it’s impact on the society.

We create unique timeless cultural events that generates positive emotions (love, tenderness, enthusiasm, happiness, hope, generosity ...)

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Together with the music producer Pep Sala and the cultural promoter Tiziano Corbelli, we’re creating unique cultural solidarity events with Dinners That Matter. We bring you the “Brilliant Thought”.


A luminous structure that its born to make us look up again, look at the words and make a reflection, a thought, to find strength, a desire.
Always celebrating culture with singers and songs, poets and poems.

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"Born to return to the word its meaning" and achieve through culture an impact on local businesses, tourism and as always with a social return


If you plan to celebrate a particularly special moment in your town with a song or a poem that is close to your heart... then do not hesitate to contact us and we will make it possible!

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Our mission
More than just a figure!

Dinners That Matter (DTM) do not prioritize one Cause over another and each year select four different Causes and/or projects!


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The partnership between DTM and WCPUN has set as their goal: spreading and generating awareness, give visibility, share our knowledge and to help get more support for these four causes; as well as publicizing the multiple local institutions and people who are dedicated to helping those living difficult times in the different cities where we operate.

We recognize that businesses have a very important role to play as a diffuser of participation, generating awareness and a great community generator.

DTM offers a comprehensive and diverse local CSR proposal with a simple, adoptable and adaptable model to every one of them!
join us!


We are ...

…raising awareness about those in our communities who suffer in silence, and who live unimaginable journeys yet do so with unwavering strength and courage. 

…supporting those foundations that are working tirelessly to ease the suffering of those in need. 

…collaborating with restaurants and businesses to be able to raise funds with our quarterly dinners, and in doing so build a network that provides ongoing support to those in need in our city. 

…all working together to make sure that those in need in our communities do not go unheard. 

This is what DinnersThatMatter and all involved are truly about.

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We are part of...

Dinners that Matter is affiliated with the WCPUN (World Council of People for the United Nations), a non-governmental organization associated with the United Nations Department of Public Information. This collaboration aims to raise awareness and involve local businesses in cities where Dinners That Matter will be implemented, in order to meet the sustainable development goals adopted in the United Nations.

The UN General Assembly approved the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, with the aim of stimulating action in 5 broad areas known as the "P": People, Planet, Prosperity, Peace, and Partnership.

Dinners That Matter is committed to meeting the goals set by the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations, and all the projects we support meet those requirements.