We all need to be able to eat
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We all need to be able to eat
Fundació NENDÉU

The Fundació Nen Déu has been active for 126 years, dedicated to the education and the care of disabled persons. Our objective is for this people to achieve autonomy for the 240 individuals we attend to daily.

Project “We all deserve to be able to eat”
The majority of our students encounter great difficulties to accomplish the basic function of alimentation. For this reason, there is the need, every day of the school year, for specialized monitors to help them cut, and to swallow …and in doing so, motivate them to achieve this function in the most autonomous way possible for each individual.
Help them eat with Dinners That Matter!

We have five centers:
School: in the school, we educate and care for 120 students between the ages of 3 and 21 with different degrees of intellectual disabilities. We have 15 classes divided by age or by disability.

Day Center: the day center that exists to support parents, and in which we attend to 12 people of more than 16 years old.

Occupational studio: in the studio, we give theopportunity of employment to 99 users who achieve all kinds of manual activities, simple and mechanical, for the different companies that give us contracts.

Residence: the residence tries to give a home-residence to our 12 users, who live in a familial environment.
Medical consulting centers: in our medical consulting centers, we attend almost 19,000 visits per year of different specialties. We are specialized in disability but we attend to people with and without disabilities.