support to children with autism
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support to children with autism
Fundació Aprenem - Fundació Mas Casadevall

Aprenem and Dinners That Matter are joining forces to raise awareness about the realities of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), a little-known condition. On September 28th we are holding a special evening of solidarity to help our community to learn about autism.
The funds raised on that evening, thanks to the generous donations by the collaborating restaurants, will go towards the ‘support for school integration’ project.
This project allows boys and girls with autism enrolled in regular schools to access and participate in the same activities as their peers, as they are often unable to do so due to a lack of resources to accommodate their special needs.
A support person will be made available for excursions and school trips so that those with autism will be accommodated on the same terms as their peers. This will allow them to develop their sense of freedom and their social relationships at the same time.
It is crucial that we raise awareness and share knowledge with society in general on autism spectrum disorder. It already affects 1% of the population but remains a little known condition.
Aprenem is an entity that has been working for 10 years to promote the social inclusion of children with autism and to improve their quality of life. They are focused on offering support for inclusion within schools, promoting an appropriate psychoeducational support, and providing guidance and counseling to families. The goal is to ensure a future where those with autism are offered the same opportunities as everybody else.


The Mas Casadevall Autism Foundation is a leading project in Catalonia in the care of adults with Autistic Spectrum Disorders (ASD). It was created by a group of parents who wanted to give their children a decent life once they reached adulthood.

The Center offers living spaces and work to 36 people and aims to meet the needs of medical treatment, health, education and employment, as well as legal assistance, with the utmost care of their personal and social possibilities.

The money raised will go to the 2nd phase to tackle the insolation of the workshops where the users of the center work every day. The workshops are 30 years old and causes problems of feelings of isolation and the consequences that this causes especially during months of extreme temperatures.