Soup kitchen program
Fundació ALPAN - Rotary Distrito 2020
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Soup kitchen program
Fundació ALPAN - Rotary Distrito 2020

The ALPAN (Food for the Needy) project is an initiative for the preparation of meals, as well as transportation and distribution to soup kitchens, which welcome those in need or at risk of social exclusion.

This project currently distributes more than 450 meals and raw materials daily to 7 soup kitchens in Barcelona. A project, which is the fruit of many collaborations and in which many people take part, all with the same goal: that nobody goes hungry.

The Project was created in Barcelona by Albert Faus, a member of the Barcelona Centre Rotary Club, with the support of the Presidents of the Rotary Clubs of Barcelona. Faus takes on the management of said Club with the collaboration of the Rotary Clubs of Barcelona, now managed by by Mrs.Cristina Marsal.

The project began with a food truck, 10 partner hotels and 10 enthusiastic volunteers with that provided 100 daily menus to two soup kitchens.

They currently serve 7 soup kitchens, which receive 50 meals each a day ….
Emaús (parish church of San Eugenio Papa), Cafarnaún (parish of Santa Tecla), CanRojer soup kitchen, El Caliu (parish of San Juan de Horta), Parish Church of San Felix of Africa, soup kitchens El Gregal l (neighborhood of Besòs), both that of families and that of adults, and CanPedró.

… and they also provide raw materials and breakfasts to various entities and centers:
San Carlos Borromeo de Gracia, Caliu de Huerta, Kitchens of Canpedró de Santos, the Day Center of the Raices Foundation, the Lestonnac school in the San Roque neighborhood of Badalona, ​​Ateneo San Roque, the Barnabitas youth association of Sant Adrià Of Besòs, the Montanyès Group (Pare Manel) and El Gregal in the neighborhood of Besòs.

Within this network of collaborations, the volunteers in charge of transportation and coordination of the logistics and daily elements of the project, have already managed to deliver more than 450,000 meals.


Each day, six volunteers go to the RACC building and go out in the three vans kept there.

Each van goes to two hotels in the city to pick up special containers transporting food that the cooks have filled with 50 meals per each hotel. Once loaded, the van distributes a total of 100 meals to two soup kitchens in charge of distributing them among those in need. In addition, there is a fourth van that distributes raw materials given by certain companies. In total, therefore, 450 meals and raw materials are distributed daily to various soup kitchens.

The meals consist of a starter, a main, dessert and bread, made by the hotels following a weekly diet plan, designed for each soup kitchen according to the characteristics of the people who go there to eat.

Once delivered, each van picks up the clean containers from the previous day and takes them to the two hotels on each route to prepare the food for the following day, and then return the vans to the RACC building.

In addition to these daily logistics, there is a fourth vehicle that is always available to pick up raw material, at any time, from various partner companies that help, and also to replace any of the other vans if necessary.

This entire operation is possible thanks to a team of more than 50 volunteers who, from Monday to Friday 10.30 to 13.30, devote their time to this great endeavour.