In recognition of Manel Pousa
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«Where is Pare Manel's heaven?»
In recognition of Manel Pousa
Fundació Pare Manel

Dinners That Matter partners with the Pare Manel Foundation and we want to contribute to help in the whole legacy that has been impregnating in the organization he presided over.

The Pare Manel Foundation is a non-profit institution, rooted in the neighborhoods of Verdum-Roquetes in Barcelona, which develops and leads social and educational action projects.

The last year 2020 has had a very profound impact on the Father Manel Foundation; the fact that in the midst of the pandemic, Manel Pousa, Father Manel, died on September 9, 2020, has been a very big blow, which has affected us all.


Manel was a friend of everyone, As Sandra Pardo, President of the Foundation, writes: "Where is Father Manel's Heaven?", Enric Canet asked himself in the article he dedicated to the newspaper Ara on the same day of his death and that he himself answered in the name and hear of so many people: Pare Manel's heaven is on earth, in the bar and in prison.
And we, the people around the Father Manel Foundation, will continue in their sky, the sky that is in the streets, with the people of Verdum and Les Roquetes."


From Dinners That Matter we want to contribute to help in the whole legacy that Father Manel has been impregnating in the organization he presided over, and we all want to continue with that dream. A dream of being able to generate opportunities for the most disadvantaged people in the territory where the organization operates. The dream of being with the neighbours of Verdum and Les Roquetes and, as we know from, with many other entities in the country and many different realities around us.


In addition, on March 26, Barcelona City Council approved the posthumous recognition of the Gold Medal for Civic Merit for Father Manel Pousa i Engroñat, better known as Father Manel, in recognition of his commitment to solidarity and activism. in favor of people in a vulnerable situation, especially children at risk and people deprived of their liberty.


The state of confinement has meant a change in the social paradigm and a challenge for the social action projects of the Pare Manel Foundation. From the outset, we did not want to lose sight of the raison d'être of a third sector entity, to accompany those people who may be going through difficult times and to detect new needs that have arisen.


The work on the different areas of the Foundation has continued to be carried out effectively and various exceptional actions have been launched.


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