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Home Care Service (SAD)

People with cancer in a situation of dependence and / or palliative have difficulty being able to take on routine tasks of daily living, as well as to maintain adequate personal, family and emotional development.

The Oncolliga foundation provides practical and psychological support at home to facilitate the patient's stay at home and lighten the burden on family members and / or non-professional caregivers.


The service is activated in an agile and immediate manner and offers support to the sick person in personal hygiene, environmental hygiene, nutrition, medication control, physiotherapy, accompaniment and also represents effective support by the caregiver, guiding and improving patient care and preventing risky situations.


Psychological care facilitates the adaptation to the situation and prevention of emotional alterations (anxiety attacks, depressive states, ...) of the whole family unit. It is a continuity program and is offered uninterruptedly throughout the year.



Provide specialized care to the person with cancer and their families at home to improve the well-being and quality of life of the entire family unit and reduce psychosocial stress.


- Psychological support at home to patients and relatives and / or non-professional caregivers.
- Care and support for the patient in personal and environmental hygiene, mobilization, medication control, feeding, accompaniment, making the purchase.
- Family and social care: guidelines in hygiene and mobilization techniques, guidance to keep the patient's spaces in adequate hygienic conditions, support and prevention of risk situations.

- Psychological care in the grieving process.

Date of the solidary dinner: Thursday, July, 02, 2020


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