The elderly and infants
Fundació Amics de la Gent Gran
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The elderly and infants
Fundació Amics de la Gent Gran

Sant Joan de Deu Hospital is a Children’s Hospital with over 130 years of history, privately owned and subsidized with the public health system support since 1973, which finances most of its health services.

However, since its inception as a charity children’s hospital, the center has received the society support to achieve further goals and, together, achieve:

Implement projects that go beyond public coverage
Ensuring the human health aspect
Progress in research and innovation for children that does not have public support
Share the difficult and long time with families, companies, universities, foundations, volunteers and especially our Little Brave, which are the heart and the history of Sant Joan de Deu. And this story is what identifies us as part of the society we serve and which we grow every day.

Consult all programs funded through donations.

Participating Dinners That Matter will help purchase equipment orthopedic, optical, drugs not covered by the S.S. material and adapted to each case mix in order to continue offering comprehensive care and personalized quality.



Amics de la Gent Gran is a volunteer organization working to improve the quality of life of older people. Our mission is to combat loneliness and social marginalization of elderly people through volunteer programs focused on spending time and accompanying them.