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support on Christmas Dinner
Fundació Alzheimer Catalunya

Dinners That Matter and the Fundación Alzheimer Catalunya are collaborating to improve the quality of life of those affected by Alzheimer’s.

They invite you to participate in the next Dinner That Matters taking place on Wednesday, December 12th, at numerous restaurants throughout Barcelona.

The objective is a simple and essential one: to raise funds to cover the basic needs of people with Alzheimer’s so that they can have a better Christmas.

The collaborating restaurants will donate 25% of the evening’s takings directly to a program that helps the elderly and those with dementia without means, supported by Alzheimer Catalunya.

Approximately 10% of those under the care of this non-profit (120) have extremely limited resources and are without relatives or supportive environments. A solidarity fund has been created to fund basic needs that very often cannot be covered:

Accompanying people on tours, medical visits, recreational visits, etc.
Clinical costs and pharmacological products, clothing, food and specific therapies, among other essential resources.


Why participate?
Because people with Alzheimer’s also have feelings, desires and emotions and deserve to enjoy a Christmas in the company of others.

Because a cure for Alzheimer’s has not yet been discovered, and the costs involved in covering the expenses for someone with dementia can range from approximately 27,000 and 37,000 euros per person per year.

Because a great dinner will taste even better if you know you are also contributing to a worthy cause.
Because every initiative adds up and, between us, we have the power to make big changes.

What is Alzheimer Catalunya?
Alzheimer Catalunya has been working for those with dementia since 1988, and they believe that although coexisting is difficult, this is not a reason to stop living life and continuing to be part of our society.

Their programs are dedicated to helping and supporting those affected by dementia through their guardianship work, the support and counselling of relatives, or related persons, and the training of professionals in the sector.
Alzheimer Catalunya also works to raise awareness about the status and feelings of the person suffering from the disease and their representatives or caregivers, as well as to establish social policies in conjunction with public and private institutions and the Non-Profit Sector.