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Who remembers them? supports causes, entities and projects that help people. Cancer, disabilities, homelessness, poverty, various diseases, exclusion ...

Support for those who suffer is essential, and must be done, decisively —with the entities and people who know about their stories, and therefore care and dedicate themselves to work on improving the living and health conditions of them, and also make them more visibile in the eyes of public so that they are not lost


But, what about the people who is here to help and take care of those in need?
Who remembers them, who wonders what they think and feel? Who gives a thought to their situation?
The situation of all those caregivers, workers, relatives, wives, parents and children of the people who has suffered?


Luckily, society is becoming more and more aware of the commendable work of carers, of the work - often unrecognized - of those who are by their side, of those who act as canes, of those who push the wheelchair, of those who see it for them, of those who speak for them.


From we want to have a memory, a recognition, a round of applause and a hug. Many of them you know. Let’s help those who help.

18 Sep 2020