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Story of life and overcoming

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Our commitment this quarter is to help with the cancer fight and we keep it alive.

We want to share withl you a story of life and overcoming, Angie's story is our guide. A great example of how to deal with and overcome breast cancer.


Angie is one of those people who doesn’t stop. With his unmistakable style, character and empathy with everyone, he faces life with exemplary optimism. After being a successful businesswoman, creating and leading a renowned fashion brand, she now dedicates herself with her partner to an almost unique and very original business activity. The company is called Angie & Demetri Dreams, they do charming tours in sidecars, and they also sell, install and homologate them, a work of titans. I'll tell you.


Since Angie has gone through the experience of breast cancer, she will share it with us through the Dinners That Matter channel.


We invite you to watch and follow her original and interesting videos that recorded during her attendance at the Barcelona Hospital Clínic for radiotherapy treatment. A testimony that we all expect be of a great help and support to others.


We will be posting Angie's videos.

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30 Jun 2020