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Cooperation. One word that can change so much!

It is at the very heart of DTM, because without the collaboration of so many people, none of what we do would be possible.

We’ve talked about the work that goes on behind the scenes at DTM: from the Foundations that work non-stop to the restaurants that so generously donate 25% of the evening’s takings.

Today we want to talk about YOU. Whether an individual or a business, your collaboration is what takes us across the finishing line, helping fund local social projects, raising awareness and ongoing support for those in need in our communities.

Your collaboration comes in two forms:

Support at quarterly dinners. As an individual by getting as many friends, family and colleagues together to go out for dinner, and getting them to spread the word to their friends, families and colleagues! As a business by gathering friends and clients together at one of our collaborating restaurants and using this as an opportunity to network, fulfil your corporate social responsibility, while at the same time giving back to the community!

Raising awareness. Spread the word about DTM and its mission, share information on our quarterly dinners and causes, and follow and interact with us all on Social Media! And if you know of any business or restaurant that would be a perfect fit for DTM, please do let us know!

These are all the reasons why we need YOUR collaboration and how important you are in making the DTM mission truly come to life!

From the DTM, THANK YOU for believing in us, and look forward to seeing you at our 14 June 2018 dinner!

22 May 2018